Laser Engraved Leather Wallets

Sep 29, 2010

When we started working with Dallas Designing Dreams, Arthur brought us pieces of a few different types and colors of leather to play with.

Since we were experimenting, and learning the material, you’ll see that Einstein, our favorite Clown Loach, puts in another appearance. At the time, we weren’t aware of the use Arthur had in mind for them, so we were surprised to see him come back in vaguely cyborg form as a wallet.

The yellow hide is cured and dyed in a different fashion than the red. It’s got a much softer feel in the hand, and lasers completely differently. It took significantly less power to etch on the piece, and unlike most other leathers, we were able to get two distinct colors and depths out of it relatively easily.

The last one had a softer, less glossy finish on it than what we put Einstein on. For this one, we laid on a Victorian pattern from one of our pattern books that came out looking very sharp.