Etched Wood Veneer Invitations

Feb 21, 2011

We recently had the opportunity to cut this gorgeous wedding invitation designed by Brian Gibb of the Public Trust gallery.  We’ll be posting unblurred pictures after the event.

The piece was etched into two layers of laminated veneer.  The lamination provided a much needed degree of durability for the card, and has some great potential for layering two different veneers for visual effect.

We weren’t able to get as much darkening as we would have liked on the text. The higher power needed to do that either hit the glue layer and left a strange kind of unattractive, gooey finish in spots, or punched all the way through the second layer in places.  Still, as you can see, backing off the power a bit made for a good, high contrast finish.  The text was also too elaborate to allow us to unfocus for the darker finish.  The loss of detail was just too great.

Still, the card came out beautifully, and we have yet another technique to explore further as soon as time allows.