Our New Toy Has Arrived

May 06, 2011

Our new laser has been delivered, and as of today it is uncrated and sitting out in the shop.  I had the overwhelming urge to play Also Sprach Zarathustra as we finally got the bottom of the crate removed, and set it down with the forklift.  We’ve been trying to land this beast for months, and at last, it’s here.  Final power installation for the laser and blower is on Saturday, and by Monday, we should have her leveled and ready to play with in earnest.

The new table is a 120 watt Trotec Speedy 500 with i-Cut vision system.  The work table is 49″ x 28″, with a pass-through on the wide axis, allowing us to work full sheets of material. The extra power allows us to work acrylics up to 1″ thick, and to process most other materials and thicknesses at much higher speeds.  The chassis and drive system are constructed for production level work, so even when doing materials like paper where the extra power is of no value, we should be able to run the same jobs considerably faster without seeing the jitter and degradation we get on our current equipment. And one more bonus, we can now process full 28×40 offset press sheets instead of requiring that they be cut down.

Combine that with workflow management software that is much more advanced than our existing Epilog, and we are extremely excited about our new toy tool.