DSVC Braille Ink Invitation

Sep 25, 2011

This is a construction piece we did in conjunction with Padgett Printing and Register Marks.  The invitation is for a Casino themed event benefiting Braille Ink,  folds into a conventional square format for mailing.  The piece was printed by Padgett using PMS colors, with a silver and gray grid pattern on the inner face.  On receipt, the piece can be folded into a cube.  The laser cut voids in the face expose the patterning on the inner surface, reenforcing the dimensional feel of the piece.

Since the piece would have to be folded and unfolded multiple times, laser scoring was not an acceptable solution.  To achieve a stable mechanical score, the piece was scored and perimeter cut by Register Marks using a traditional steel rule die.  We took the perimeter cut pieces, and cut the detail elements, using dots printed in the drop areas as registration marks for the vision system.

While not as elaborate as some of our other dimensional pieces, it is an excellent use of the form, and makes for an interesting piece that is likely to garner a place on the recipient’s desk or shelf long after the event.