The New Site is Live

Sep 10, 2011

The new website is live.  It’s still a work in progress, but we’ve been sitting on a good bit of new content until the launch, and we decided it needs to go up.  So here she is, and we can also announce that we have moved to a new web host.  We’re extremely pleased with them so far, and the site is almost 10x as fast in our benchmarks.  For those who had to endure the old one, we sincerely thank you for your patience, and you should find the new site and server a much less painful experience to deal with.

Special thanks to our designer Veronica Ramos for working so hard to get it into a launchable condition.  Also a shout out to CutLaserCut.  Their brilliant “How it works section” is (obviously) the inspiration for our Process page.  They are a great shop in the UK that makes stuff that is at least as interesting and ( almost :o) as cool as what we do.

That’s it.  Next up is the stuff that is actually interesting.