Penny Countertop

Jul 26, 2010

Granite too expensive? Cover your kitchen counters in pennies for a fraction of the cost!

We were in the process of trying to refresh our kitchen a little bit without having to gut it, or sink a small fortune into it. In the course of cleaning and painting we kept coming back to the boring gray laminate counter top. We considered all the options, but we just couldn’t justify spending thousands of dollars on the usual replacement counter tops in a place we don’t own. If we were going to sink that kind of money into it, we’d need to gut the kitchen and start over, and we were not ready to do that.

In his usual web trawling, Michael had come across a bar in New York that had made its floor out of pennies. Since we had played with two part resins in the past, it wasn’t a big step to come up with the idea of covering the bulk of our counter space in pennies. The whole process probably took 6-8 hours spread out over about a week. Most of the interstitial time was just waiting for the various parts to dry, or cure. The whole process took about $77.00 in pennies, and the total cost worked out to about $7.50/sq ft.

More pictures, as well as full step-by-step instructions can be found on Make:Projects.