DSVC Braille Ink Invitation

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This is a construction piece we did in conjunction with Padgett Printing and Register Marks.  The invitation is for a Casino themed event benefiting Braille Ink,  folds into a conventional square format for mailing.  The piece was printed by Padgett using PMS colors, with a silver and gray grid pattern on the inner face.  On […]

Cincinnati Reds Themed Wedding Invitation and Table Toppers

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We were approached by a couple who had rented out Reds Stadium in Cincinnati for their wedding and reception and were looking for an appropriately themed invitation.  Obviously, baseball played a significant role in their lives and their relationship, so we set about looking for an appropriate design. 

Precision Cut Printed Acrylic

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This project was the first production job using the vision system on the new laser. 

Case Study: Hardline Scooters

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Hardline Scooters is a manufacturer that specializes in aftermarket performance accessories for scooters. The scooters are used in many of the same ways skateboards are to perform stunts, so a wide variety of options exist to customize the equipment to your needs.

Animated Piano Player Card

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We were asked to do a piece for a black tie event benefiting Musical Angels, a non-profit that gives free music lessons to kids in the hospital.  The notice was short, so we had to come up with something that was relatively simple, but still cool.

Etched Wood Veneer Invitations

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We recently had the opportunity to cut this gorgeous wedding invitation designed by Brian Gibb of the Public Trust gallery.  We’ll be posting unblurred pictures after the event.