Laser Cut Business Card Concept: Dallas Designing Dreams Leather Goods

Posted in: Client Work, Materials- Aug 04, 2010 1 Comment

Business cards are a favorite subject of ours. There is so much creative potential in something so small, and if you get it right, it’s something people keep around.

Laser Etched Charger

Posted in: Client Work, Product Development- Jul 18, 2010 1 Comment

This was an experiment done for a friend who does some wedding planning.  It’s a monogram etch on an inexpensive plastic charger with a silver coating over dark plastic.  It etched well, but was a bit slow.  If we did it again, we could probably speed it up significantly by running it at 400 dpi.

Laser cut Acrylic Absinthe Spoon

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We have a bar in the basement called Absinthe that serves, of course, Absinthe, that controversial, formerly illegal alcoholic beverage. As is almost inevitable for a drink with such a reputation, there is a great deal of ritual associated with serving it…

Laser cut photography brochure for charity event

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Die cut brochure for photographer Gail Nogle