Tree Silhouette Laser cut in Paper

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Paper is a fun medium to work in. It’s cheap, comes in a variety of bold colors and textures, and it cuts quickly on the laser. I’ve always loved Ansel Adam’s Oak Tree, but hadn’t been able to find a suitable image of it. For this one, we went through the photo collection looking for a dramatic image that would convert well to a silhouette.

MC Escher’s “Hands” Laser Etched in Acrylic

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Acrylic etching of MC Escher’s Drawing Hands

Laser Cut Case for Nixie Clock

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Nixies are a wonderful bit of retro technology.  Inside the glass tubes, 10 anodes ( 0-9 ) are encased in a wire mesh.  When powered, each number glows independently of one another.  Practical?  In their day. Now they just look cool.

Laser Cut Lamp

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One of our first serious projects, we produced these lamps as Christmas gifts for our friends and families.  We cut them from a variety of woods, including Cedar, African Padauk and Walnut.  It was our first project using hardwoods and it was definitely a learning experience.