Laser cut Eiffel Tower on display at Clampitt Paper

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Clampitt Paper is a major paper distributor with a branch here in Dallas. To facilitate customers finding the right paper for a particular job, they stock a sample room with literally thousands of shelves of paper samples and swatch books. They also have some finishing equipment the staff can use to mock up designs for […]

DFW Unplugged

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Well, I just survived a great night at DFW Unplugged put on by EventBright.  I met a lot of really cool people, and only inserted my foot in my mouth a few times – not bad for my first networking event. 

Laser Cut Layered Acrylic Sign rev. 1

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To begin to establish our business presence in the building, we needed a suitable sign. Since we are marketing ourselves as all around ‘Creative and Talented People You Should Buy Stuff From’, it had to be at least passingly cool, and we needed it quickly. 

Laser Etched Skyline Promotional Piece

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A promotional piece we did to promote Artifacture Studios to people and businesses in our building.

Laser Engraving the iPhone 4

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Sara at In a Flash Laser was kind enough to be the first to laser etch the new iPhone 4. So emboldened by the fact that we knew they wouldn’t explode, we decided to put our personal phones on the line, and try it ourselves.  Thankfully, it all went pretty well.

Laser Cut Business Cards

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These are our current business cards.  What can I say, we’re pretty proud of them – on a lot of levels.  It’s proven to be very, very popular, but it is would be rather expensive to produce for a client because it requires two engraving passes ( front and back ), and a cutting pass.  […]