Case Study: Hardline Scooters

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Hardline Scooters is a manufacturer that specializes in aftermarket performance accessories for scooters. The scooters are used in many of the same ways skateboards are to perform stunts, so a wide variety of options exist to customize the equipment to your needs.

Laser Cut Harbor Freight Bin Dividers

Posted in: Equipment, Product Development- Nov 18, 2010 5 Comments

Harbor Freight, bazaar of wonders.  Purveyors of tools of all stripes, from the worthless to the sublime.  If you want a tool, they will have some version of it.  Some are inexpensive wonders, as good or better than their more expensive peers.  Others, worth exactly what you pay for them – which isn’t very much.  […]

Laser Engraved Clothing Tags

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Custom laser engraved clothing tags we made for Fashion Psychos debuted at New York Fashion Week this past September.

Laser Cut Acrylic Sign with Raised Letters

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If you’ve followed us long, you may have noticed that Absinthe Lounge has turned into a bit of a proving ground for some of our more exotic ideas. It’s been a good relationship for us, and so we recently set about replacing a piece of minor signage we did for them that we were never […]

Laser Engraved Leather Wallets

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When we started working with Dallas Designing Dreams, Arthur brought us pieces of a few different types and colors of leather to play with.

Laser Cut Paper Eiffel Tower: Revisited

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The final version of our Eiffel tower project. Composed of four copies each of four different parts laser cut from a single 18×24 sheet of Plike 122# Bordeaux Cover paper, it stands about 22″ tall and is assembled without tape, glue or fasteners.