Laser cut Acrylic Absinthe Spoon

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We have a bar in the basement called Absinthe that serves, of course, Absinthe, that controversial, formerly illegal alcoholic beverage. As is almost inevitable for a drink with such a reputation, there is a great deal of ritual associated with serving it…

Laser cut Eiffel Tower in Paper

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A 22″ tall scale replica of the Eiffel tower cut from paper and assembled without glue or fasteners.

Magician’s Business Card Laser Etched on Aluminum

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This is a business card concept we put together for sleight-of-hand magician Brian Nordstrom. We’ve recently gotten some very thin anodized aluminum and decided to try it on this. The black anodized is an amazingly high resolution material, and (obviously) capable of doing impressive reproductions of a photograph.

Laser Cut Photographer’s Business Card

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As part of the brochure project for Gail Nogle, we were supplied with an image of Gail that was formatted as a frame of film. I immediately envisioned it as a business card and set to work re-creating the film markings in Illustrator so it could be extended to the width of a business card.

Laser Cut Wooden Business Card

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Business card prototype cut from 1/64″ (0.4mm) Birch Plywood with a 1lb wash coat of  shellac.

Laser Cut Lamp

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One of our first serious projects, we produced these lamps as Christmas gifts for our friends and families.  We cut them from a variety of woods, including Cedar, African Padauk and Walnut.  It was our first project using hardwoods and it was definitely a learning experience.