Fort Worth Zoo Ball Invitation

Mar 21, 2015
Designer Schaefer Advertising Co.
Application Fund Raiser Invitation
Process Laser Cutting

This was an amazing piece, and the first really complex project we did on our new Galvo style laser. We worked extensively with the designers at Schaefer to refine the patterns to maximize the visible detail, while making certain the pieces were stable and durable enough to survive being handled and displayed.

The piece was first printed work and turn, then foiled work and turn, then perimeter die cut and scored, and finally delivered to us for laser cutting, which consisted of 4 separate panels. Each of the processes are quite accurate, but can still introduce variances of a few hundredths of an inch. This created a unique challenge for us. The tolerances on the piece were extremely fine, but even if we every step before us was well within tolerance, and were completely accurate in all of our placement – the alignment of the final laser cut could easily be off by .05 or more – a seeming trivial amount, but still easily noticeable to a knowledgeable eye.

This is a beautiful ( and now award winning ) piece piece of work that we, are extremely proud to have been a part of.