Restaurant Menu & Table Suite

Sep 24, 2014
Created in partnership with

This is one of the more beautiful suites we have helped create. The menu is a sustainably harvested rosewood veneer over HDF. It was laser engraved and filled, then sealed. The covers were then quarter bound in a fine grain black leatherette with decorative Chicago screw closures ( sometimes called screw-posts ). The screw posts allow the menu contents to be changed easily without sacrificing the rustic elegance they were looking for with an obvious binding mechanism.

The table tents were made in a similar style. The hinge was the same black leatherette with purely decorative conchos. The content frame was a turned edge placard in the same material, with fire aged brass corners to hold the printed content.

The poster holder was designed to hang in the bar or lobby to show current food and drink specials, or private events.

Lastly, the “coins” are somewhat unique to Brazilian style steakhouses. When you turn the coins green side up, it signals the circulating servers that you want more food and they should present what they have to your table. Red means do not present.

The printed elements were printed on polyethelene stock ( Yupo, etc ) for durability. The coins were laser cut around the perimeter, and then the inner ring was cut just through the veneer. The veneer layer was removed, and the green and red discs inserted, leaving them sitting just slightly inset.

Three suites were made for the filming of commercials and the shooting of assets and promotional materials for a chain wide rebrand. Unfortunately, when it came time for production, the job was produced offshore for less than we would even have been able to source the materials.








Application Menu & Bar / Table suite
Process Laser engraving, Laser cutting, wood & metal fabrication, turned edge binding
Material Rosewood veneer over HDF, Leather, Nickel, Brass,