Wine Bottle Holder Invitation

Mar 08, 2015
Application Invitation
Process Engraving, Paint fill, finishing
Material Wood Veneer


This was a fun project we did for a National Kidney Foundation fund-raiser. The event was a wine and food event featuring award winning Chefs. The invitation was to include a bottle of wine from the sponsoring vineyard. Initially, we were going to try to make an elegant hang tag, but the event details would have made for a bulky tag. After some thought, we decided to make take a page from Marshall McLuhan, and created an elegant bottle holder, and wrap for the bottle itself.

The bottle holder is made from laminated Walnut and Maple veneer, and closed with a red ribbon. The bottle is wrapped in a laser cut vellum leaf pattern that matches the embroidery on the outside of the holder. The walnut interior is stained a dark claret, and the invitation text is engraved and gold filled.