Zoo Presentation Portfolio

Sep 20, 2014
Created in partnership with
Application Corporate proposal
Process Hand Binding
Material Multiple Fabrics
Size 15×12″
Decoration Method Laser Engraving

This was one of a pair of presentation proposal books made for a bid renewal for a regional zoo. The fabrics used were upholstery fabrics of differing thicknesses, but had to be flush when completed. The combination of two extremely thick cover materials, and the need to build up the quarter bind so that it matched with the cover made this an extremely challenging project. Fortunately, the thicker of the two fabrics was a synthetic, so we were able to use a combination of the laser and a hot knife to get the corners to butt smoothly up against one another instead of having to contend with overlap and fabric raveling.

The wooden insert is a particularly good example of laser engraved spanish cedar. In this case, the thickness of the fabric was actually useful. We were simply able to cut and remove a small patch of the fabric after turning, and inset the badge. The depth was perfect, and left the 1/8″ thick badge raised only slightly above the cover.

I will confess that when the fabric was delivered, my first thought was that someone had slaughtered a particularly ugly couch from a late 70’s rumpus room. However, as you can see, the materials are perfectly chosen for the application and the finished piece is quite beautiful.