MC Escher’s “Hands” Laser Etched in Acrylic

Posted in: Just Because, Materials- May 09, 2010

One of the features of the laser is the ability to take a black and white image and have it interpret the shades of gray as power settings for the laser beam. (The default is to do what printers do and vary the dot pattern to give the illusion of the gray levels.) This is appropriately called 3D mode as in many materials, a hotter beam will cut deeper. Read more

Laser Cut Case for Nixie Clock

Posted in: Just Because- May 09, 2010

Nixies are a wonderful bit of retro technology.  Inside the glass tubes, 10 anodes ( 0-9 ) are encased in a wire mesh.  When powered, each number glows independently of one another.  Practical?  In their day. Now they just look cool.

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Laser Cut Photographer’s Business Card

Posted in: Marketing, Product Development- May 02, 2010

As part of the brochure project for Gail Nogle, we were supplied with an image of Gail that was formatted as a frame of film. I immediately envisioned it as a business card and set to work re-creating the film markings in Illustrator so it could be extended to the width of a business card. Read more

Laser cut photography brochure for charity event

Posted in: Client Work, Marketing- Apr 28, 2010

We were approached by marketing firm LNT3 Group to do a brochure for Gail Nogle, a well known photographer in the Dallas area, to promote her services as one of the exclusive photographers for the Crystal Charity Ball, an annual fundraiser that supports local children’s charity organizations. Read more

Papercraft D12 (12 sided Die)

Posted in: Marketing- Apr 23, 2010

This was a short notice leave behind we created for a local cos-play convention.  It’s a dodecahedron ( 12 sided die ), deconstructed and tabbed so that it folds up neatly.  We cut our logo out on two faces, and an abstract circuit pattern on the rest.

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Laser Cut Wooden Business Card

Posted in: Materials, Product Development- Mar 14, 2010

Business card prototype cut from 1/64″ (0.4mm) Birch Plywood with a 1lb wash coat of  shellac. Read more