Baseball themed wedding invitation

Aug 25, 2010

My brother and his fiance are serious Yankees fans – so much so that he proposed on the big board at Yankee Stadium. So it seemed appropriate to incorporate the theme into the wedding.

IMG_1548.JPG The Yankee Stadium Frieze:

CC Licensed Photo by

After much brainstorming, we hit on the idea of using the frieze (architectural element) that is part of the original and current stadium. I carefully traced an image of it I found online and made it the belly band of the invitation over a field of blue.

IMG_1568.JPGFor the invitation itself, I decided it should tell the story of the proposal.

The first panel opens to reveal a photo of the stadium with the proposal on the big board. The text below explains that another “pitch” was made that day, though off the field.IMG_1570.JPG
The second panel opens to reveal a photo of the happy couple on the bottom, and a set of die-cut baseball tabs in the middle.

IMG_1575.jpgThe tabs open to reveal the invitation details, including maps to the wedding and reception. The tickets on the left are modeled after real tickets, with the specific wedding and reception details.

The invitation also included a reply card and an accommodations card shown below.

Some other detail shots:
IMG_1577.jpg IMG_1578.jpg
IMG_1584.jpg IMG_1586.JPG
IMG_1550.JPG IMG_1551.JPG

Production for these invitations was fairly involved. They were digitally printed on 100# McCoy Silk Cover stock using an Indigo digital press. The sheets were laser die cut at a duration of 4 minutes each. Then the parts that fold were hand scored on a scoring die with a Teflon block. They were then folded by hand. The belly band was glued in-place then it was all packed for shipment to the happy couple.

IMG_1356.JPG IMG_1357.JPG
IMG_1358.JPG IMG_1361.JPG
IMG_1362.JPG IMG_1379.JPG
IMG_1382.JPG IMG_1389.JPG
IMG_1390.JPG IMG_1393.jpg
IMG_1395.jpg IMG_1398.JPG
IMG_1397.JPG IMG_1408.JPG

Note: This project was inspired by Yankees Stadium and the marriage proposal that occurred there. The design and artwork was created for this project and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Yankees Stadium, the NY Yankees, or MLB. All trademarks and copyrights are property of Major League Baseball. Other photos used were Creative Commons licensed.