Laser Cut Layered Acrylic Sign rev. 1

Aug 31, 2010

To begin to establish our business presence in the building, we needed a suitable sign. Since we are marketing ourselves as all around ‘Creative and Talented People You Should Buy Stuff From’, it had to be at least passingly cool, and we needed it quickly. 

We settled on blue for the sign color because it stood out well against the white wall. That we also happened to have half a sheet of it on the shelf didn’t hurt either! :o). We cut out our company name and logo, and deep etched the tagline. Although it was cast acrylic, the etching didn’t contrast very well with the background. To solve that, we applied a silver acrylic paint to the recesses.

By itself, the wall would have shown through the cut letters, so we included a solid piece of single side frosted acrylic. With some modification to the mounts, we spaced the two pieces approximately half an inch apart, leaving us with a professional, contemporary looking wall sign that still manages to be slightly geeky.

The hope was that the frosted acrylic would pick up the hallway lighting, but it still seemed rather dark. LED’s were a natural idea, but even with the frosted background you could see the points of light. We tried ordering a sheet of Electroluminescent ‘paper’, but found that A3 was slightly too small to use, and just wasn’t bright enough to the expense of getting an A2 sheet to make it work.  So for now, we’re making due without lights or electronics.  However, being Makers, and geeks, this situation cannot be allowed to persist for too long.  Revision 2 is already in the pipeline, and will involve LED’s, and maybe an Arduino for good measure.