Laser Engraved Clothing Tags

Oct 15, 2010

Custom laser engraved clothing tags we made for Fashion Psychos debuted at New York Fashion Week this past September.

IMG_1896.JPGWhile many designers have asked us whether we could produce unique tags for their artwork or clothing, Eli De Leon was the first to give it a try.

162992960.jpgThe tags were made of a thin flexible plastic with a weather resistant brushed metal foil that can be lasered away. While it might not be a tag that you leave in a product you wear, it makes for a memorable alternative to the typical tag options.

We produced several sample variations in both size and style. The black ones laser away the background to leave the letters silver. This looks nice, but because so much of the material is lasered, the material tends to warp. So ultimately the silver background with black lettering was selected. The image to the right is one of the tags in use.