Artifacture has moved!

Apr 18, 2011

To clarify, we are finally mostly finished moving in, and ready to receive visitors.  The blog has been quiet the last few months, but we have been working hard, and I think the changes will be well worth the wait. To support our continued growth, we moved into a new space a few blocks from the old location. It’s taken a long time, and a great deal of work, but we’re finally organized and settled in.  Pictures below are of the showroom and reception area.

We are now at:
1320 East Griffin Street, Dallas, TX 75215
Since budgets were tight, we ended up doing most of the construction and installation work ourselves, including more than a little “Ikea Hacking” to get exactly what we wanted.  The wall behind the reception table is sheathed in anodized brushed aluminum, and the cabinets below are Ikea kitchen cabinets that loaned themselves perfectly to this application.  The use of tightly spaced, round head mounting screws give it a faux riveted, retro-industrial look that we we’re looking for.  We had originally planned to sheath the wall in gray duck cloth, but the aluminum actually turned out to be the cheaper option, and is much simpler to install and keep clean.  The sign is frosted acrylic, and cut in house.

The showroom fixtures are modified Ikea Besta pieces with custom full height drawer fronts.  Ikea didn’t offer a glossy white finish for the display panels, so we replaced them with 1/8in gloss white acrylic, and wired the whole thing with concealed power and surface mount LED ribbon for back lighting.

This area is still due for a few more upgrades, but in general, we’re extremely pleased with the way it came out. We will be converting the magazine shelves to backlit display panels using surface mount LED ribbon and an acrylic LED diffusion panel, and the Drafting table/reception desk will be replaced with a custom stand height reception desk. 

Stay tuned, we’ll be following up with some pictures of the workshop shortly.