Vinyl Cut Beer Fridge Graphics

Jul 16, 2010

Okay, time to give the laser a bit of a rest, and highlight one of our other, less sexy, but equally cool toys – the vinyl sign cutter.

First, a little background. We have a second refrigerator in the loft that we affectionately refer to as ‘The Beer Fridge’. Since we regularly have clients over, or friends stopping by, we keep it well stocked with beer, soda, cider, water, mixers, fruit juice, ice, etc. Like many things we do, we go a little overboard, but we like to make our guests feel welcome and it’s been a great opportunity to sample new beers and ciders. We’ve also hacked the freezer to make sure we always have plenty of ice.

For the longest time, we just had a little laser printed sign that said ‘Please Help Yourself to Beer and Soda’, and that worked. Then, one afternoon, we looked at each other and realized that we live in a workshop where we can make almost anything. Why, then, did we have such a boring and pedestrian sign on the beer fridge?

We were actually fairly busy at the time, and should really have been working on other things, but as will happen sometimes, we got pulled off onto this little side project. After brainstorming for a while, and rejecting all of the things that required a power supply and an Arduino – and that required removing and repainting the doors (believe me, there were more than a few), we settled on doing a vinyl graphic for it. Quick, relatively simple, and we already had a pretty good collection of vinyl ready to go.  A few hours, and a little inspiration later, Michael had come up with what you see here.  A nice, retro feel that was welcoming, and simple enough that it was relatively easy to transfer the multiple colors and install.