Laser Cut Acrylic Snowflake

Jul 22, 2010

This was a speculative design done as a holiday decoration for a boutique loft/hotel chain.  Designed in partnership with Anne Howley, the project was to create a branded holiday decoration that was in keeping with their modern, minimalist design.  The company logo is integrated into snowflake by removing the patterned backsheet.  The pictured sample is an early prototype cut out of 1/8″ ‘confetti’ patterned acrylic (clear acrylic with a holographic back sheet applied.) The design received a great deal of positive feedback, but the project was ultimately not approved in time to make it into production.

During the design period, we discovered that our plastics vendor no longer stocked the ‘confetti’ patterned acrylic, and ordering direct from the manufacturer in the quantities required proved to be untenable.  We ultimately settled on a simple mirror backed acrylic that is much less expensive and readily available.  While it is less visually interesting, in many ways it is actually more in keeping with the client’s image and aesthetic than the busier ‘confetti’ pattern