Laser Cut Photographer’s Business Card

May 02, 2010

As part of the brochure project for Gail Nogle, we were supplied with an image of Gail that was formatted as a frame of film. I immediately envisioned it as a business card and set to work re-creating the film markings in Illustrator so it could be extended to the width of a business card.Gail Nogle Business card frontSince it was an unsolicited project, I printed it on the side of an existing job for the same client and provided some as samples. Ideally it should be printed on some semi-transparent vellum for the film effect, but since it was going with an existing job, I opted to print the same exact thing on the back in reverse so it gives the impression of film even though it’s 100# Cover stock.Gail Nogle Business card back

When we print the real cards, we will use a version of the photo without the signature in it since it’s redundant in this case. But at the time, that photo file couldn’t be located.