Our Workshop Space

Aug 08, 2010

Our workshop serves as a prototype of our future company Artifacture Labs – A public workshop where people can go to get access to a wide variety of tools/equipment, training on how to use them, and the support of a community of creative people like themselves.

Click “Read More” to see photos of the workshop.

Building something like Artifacture Labs comes at great up-front expense, and the investment climate is not conducive to it at the moment. Not to be thwarted, we founded Artifacture Studios as a sister company designed to do work-for-hire out of the workshop. This gives us the opportunity to establish ourselves in the area and hopefully attract some local supporters who would be willing to invest when the market is right.

We also host local Make:DFW, Dorkbot, and other geeky club meetings.


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IMG_0402.jpg Workshop storage bins
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Club Meetings

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