Industry Love

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So this was cool. Our open house invitation from October just got a little love from a print & design industry publication called PaperSpecs. Not only did it get a write up in the “cool cards of the week” section, but we got a second bump when they put together and posted an awesome video […]

DSVC Braille Ink Invitation

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This is a construction piece we did in conjunction with Padgett Printing and Register Marks.  The invitation is for a Casino themed event benefiting Braille Ink,  folds into a conventional square format for mailing.  The piece was printed by Padgett using PMS colors, with a silver and gray grid pattern on the inner face.  On […]

Eiffel Tower project on Kickstarter

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In honor of Bastille Day, we chose today to launch our Kickstarter project to bring the Eiffel Towers into full production. If you like the project, and would like to see it widely available, please check it out. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing crowd funding site. If you like a project, you can pledge your support […]

Maker Faire Bound – with Free Swag

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Artifacture will be closed Thursday, May 19th to Tuesday, May 24th as we make our annual pilgrimage to the Maker Faire in San Mateo, California. Production will continue in our absence, and we will be responding to requests and inquiries.

Laser Party Follow up

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Artifacture hosted it’s first laser party last week, and it was a rousing success with about 15 people in attendance. 

Laser Party!

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If you have always wanted to have something laser cut but didn’t know how or where to go, now is your chance.  Seeing how a manufacturing process works first-hand is the best way not only to learn how to design for it, but how it can be leveraged to create new things. It is also […]