Industry Love

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So this was cool. Our open house invitation from October just got a little love from a print & design industry publication called PaperSpecs. Not only did it get a write up in the “cool cards of the week” section, but we got a second bump when they put together and posted an awesome video […]

Alive and Kicking.

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Okay, so it’s March of 2015 already. I’m not quite sure how that happened, but a client mentioned today that the last blog post was the one where we talked about the fire – and that’s definitely not a good place to leave things. Especially since lots of very exciting things have happened since then. […]

60 Second Fold of the Week

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It’s been an exciting year for us, and unfortunately, the blog has been a bit neglected as a result.  However, we’ve finally got some extra help in to manage the volume, and we’re making a concerted effort to make more frequent posts to the blog and portfolio.  We have some great finished projects we haven’t […]

DSVC Braille Ink Invitation

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This is a construction piece we did in conjunction with Padgett Printing and Register Marks.  The invitation is for a Casino themed event benefiting Braille Ink,  folds into a conventional square format for mailing.  The piece was printed by Padgett using PMS colors, with a silver and gray grid pattern on the inner face.  On […]

The New Site is Live

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The new website is live.  It’s still a work in progress, but we’ve been sitting on a good bit of new content until the launch, and we decided it needs to go up.  So here she is, and we can also announce that we have moved to a new web host.  We’re extremely pleased with […]

Guerilla Marketing at the Maker Faire

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Due to our recent move, we didn’t have time to put together a display for the Maker Faire this year. However, since we are going, we decided we could still make something fun, and do a little guerrilla marketing at the same time – BONUS! But what to do? It had to be something cool, […]