Laser Cut Neon Sign Model

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I’ve been exploring possible marketing pieces we can hand out to the businesses and residents in the building to promote our company. I thought something personally relevant would lead people to keep it around, so I thought of doing a model of the neon sign on the building.

Laser Cut Photographer’s Business Card

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As part of the brochure project for Gail Nogle, we were supplied with an image of Gail that was formatted as a frame of film. I immediately envisioned it as a business card and set to work re-creating the film markings in Illustrator so it could be extended to the width of a business card.

Laser cut photography brochure for charity event

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Die cut brochure for photographer Gail Nogle

Papercraft D12 (12 sided Die)

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This was a short notice leave behind we created for a local cos-play convention.  It’s a dodecahedron ( 12 sided die ), deconstructed and tabbed so that it folds up neatly.  We cut our logo out on two faces, and an abstract circuit pattern on the rest.