Laser Party Follow up

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Artifacture hosted it’s first laser party last week, and it was a rousing success with about 15 people in attendance. 

Etched Wood Veneer Invitations

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We recently had the opportunity to cut this gorgeous wedding invitation designed by Brian Gibb of the Public Trust gallery.  We’ll be posting unblurred pictures after the event.

New Business Cards

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Neenah paper recently started shipping a black paper that was treated for use on the HP indigo digital press, so we were finally able to have our business cards printed rather than etched on the laser. The logo and name are still laser cut, but this makes the process significantly faster. 

Laser cut Eiffel Tower on display at Clampitt Paper

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Clampitt Paper is a major paper distributor with a branch here in Dallas. To facilitate customers finding the right paper for a particular job, they stock a sample room with literally thousands of shelves of paper samples and swatch books. They also have some finishing equipment the staff can use to mock up designs for […]

Laser Engraved Leather Wallets

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When we started working with Dallas Designing Dreams, Arthur brought us pieces of a few different types and colors of leather to play with.

The Dangers of Undocumented Features

Posted in: Materials- Sep 20, 2010 1 Comment

Whenever you take advantage of an undocumented or unintentional characteristic in a product, there is a risk. Usually, you say that about something technical, but we got bitten by – of all things – paper.