Multi Event Wedding Invitation w/ Presentation Box

Apr 19, 2013
Materials Black Lacquered Steel, Acrylic, Wood, Textile
Application Multi event wedding invitation collected in a hand made setup box. .
Process Book Binding, Edge Turning, Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving, Metal Marking, Paint Fill

This was a complex collection consisting of invitations to three separate events during the wedding celebration. A traditional tribal ceremony, a traditional christian ceremony, and a “Black and White” ball themed reception. Each invitation came with a key that was to be presented by the guest for admission to each event. The colors for the wedding were yellow, black and silver.

The invitations were created in two variations. The first was a VIP version containing invitations to all 3 events. These versions were presented in a hand made setup box in silver and black, with a laser cut ornament on the front and bound with a yellow silk ribbon. The second variation was a hand wrapped two or three panel cover designed to present invitations to 1, 2 or all 3 events.

The invitation to the Christian wedding is laser engraved clear acrylic. The event key is cut from frosted, mirror backed acrylic.

The traditional invitation is laser engraved on a composite hardwood, and then filled with orange paint. Orange fill was selected because of its significance in the traditional ceremony. The event key is cut from the same material.

The final invitation to the black and white ball is laser marked lacquered steel in a hand turned black soft touch folio. Because there was limited space in the folio, the reception key is a silver and black marked steel card.

The VIP box was wrapped in silver book cloth with a black, Nuba soft touch quarter bind.  The non VIP invitations were a two or three part folio from the same soft touch black containing invitations to 1-3 of the events.  To accomodate the smaller form factor, the invitations were redesigned slightly to allow the keys to be integrated into the invitations for each event.

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