Laser Cut Harbor Freight Bin Dividers

Posted in: Equipment, Product Development- Nov 18, 2010

Harbor Freight, bazaar of wonders.  Purveyors of tools of all stripes, from the worthless to the sublime.  If you want a tool, they will have some version of it.  Some are inexpensive wonders, as good or better than their more expensive peers.  Others, worth exactly what you pay for them – which isn’t very much.  Every once in a while, though, you find a strange oversight.

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New Business Cards

Posted in: Marketing, Materials- Nov 13, 2010

Neenah paper recently started shipping a black paper that was treated for use on the HP indigo digital press, so we were finally able to have our business cards printed rather than etched on the laser. The logo and name are still laser cut, but this makes the process significantly faster.  Read more

Laser cut marquetry skateboard for charity auction

Posted in: Client Work, Community- Nov 08, 2010

For the last couple years, The Art of Skateboarding has been held in our building. It’s a charity event for that invites local and celebrity artists to decorate a skateboard to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to benefit the Texas Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital that specializes in treating orthopedic problems. Artifacture participated as an artist this year.

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Laser cut Eiffel Tower on display at Clampitt Paper

Posted in: Marketing, Materials- Oct 31, 2010

Clampitt Paper is a major paper distributor with a branch here in Dallas. To facilitate customers finding the right paper for a particular job, they stock a sample room with literally thousands of shelves of paper samples and swatch books. They also have some finishing equipment the staff can use to mock up designs for you. Read more

Wooden Wedding Chargers

Posted in: Client Work- Oct 31, 2010

We were approached by a client not long ago to do some unique custom chargers for her wedding reception.  Her theme was ‘rustic elegance’, and to carry it though to the end, she wanted to have wooden chargers cut for the place settings. Read more

Laser Engraved Clothing Tags

Posted in: Client Work, Product Development- Oct 15, 2010

Custom laser engraved clothing tags we made for Fashion Psychos debuted at New York Fashion Week this past September.

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