Our Workshop Space

Posted in: Equipment- Aug 08, 2010

Our workshop serves as a prototype of our future company Artifacture Labs – A public workshop where people can go to get access to a wide variety of tools/equipment, training on how to use them, and the support of a community of creative people like themselves.

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Problems Gluing Laser Cut Acrylic

Posted in: How To, Materials- Aug 06, 2010

Acrylics and similar plastics are commonly glued using “solvent glues”. That is, the glues actually soften or partially dissolve the edges of the materials you are bonding. As the solvent evaporates, the two edges ‘re-set’ themselves, as a single piece. Use the right glue (and technique), and you have a strong bond that is nearly invisible, almost as if it had been cast as a single piece. Read more

Laser Cut Business Card Concept: Dallas Designing Dreams Leather Goods

Posted in: Client Work, Materials- Aug 04, 2010

Business cards are a favorite subject of ours. There is so much creative potential in something so small, and if you get it right, it’s something people keep around. Read more

Laser Etched Skyline Promotional Piece

Posted in: Marketing, Product Development- Jul 30, 2010

A promotional piece we did to promote Artifacture Studios to people and businesses in our building.
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Laser Engraved Messenger Bag

Posted in: Materials, Product Development- Jul 28, 2010

A beautiful messenger bag with custom engraved logo. This was sealed immediately after engraving to preserve the dark markings. The leather could alternately have been washed before sealing to get a lighter, more ‘natural’ appearance.
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Penny Countertop

Posted in: How To, Just Because- Jul 26, 2010

Granite too expensive? Cover your kitchen counters in pennies for a fraction of the cost!

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